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Paducah, Kentucky

Paducah Plastic Surgery

Paducah Plastic Surgery was founded in 2002 by Paducah plastic surgeon, Peter A. Ward, MD, FACS upon returning to practice following a sabbatical during which Dr. Ward studied and researched the aging process. The philosophy of Paducah Plastic Surgery reflects Dr. Ward's belief that the aging process is the natural result of a chronic nutritional deficiency and the body's attempt to deal with it. Patients wanting to look younger through surgery also learn that the aging process can be slowed by giving the body what it needs every day so that it can repair and replace itself, which it is already programmed to do.

We see patients becoming younger from the inside out by helping them nourish their bodies. Our approach to surgical rejuvenation is to give the patient a natural looking result that is real but not obvious. Our greatest triumph is when the desired improvements are obtained without others being aware the patient has had surgery!

We attract patients of all ages. We specialize in natural looking results.


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Paducah Plastic Surgery
242 Berger Rd
Paducah, KY 42003
Phone: (270) 444-0119
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